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the SLoT international website

the SLoT international website

While being in Canada, I learned about the Russian band SLoT. As was I nearing the last days of my internship and I was getting into their music, a notice appeared on one of the social media, telling the band was looking for a technical guy to create something.
I jumped on it and got the job! Part of the tasks have been done while traveling back to Belgium. As I missed my connecting flight, I had enough time to work on the project.

The only thing I can tell about the main task, is that I did it, but nothing more. It was related to the release of their first international and English album. But as a spin off, there also was need for a simple website. This is the content I am sharing here.

Unfortunately, the international release did not work out as planned. So the website has been taken down. Luckily, I still have the majority of the content and have been able to make screenshots.

The social media layers are broken now as the code is not up to date anymore with current standards. But when they were required, I had trouble integrating them into the Flash component. After searching and searching, I realized the Flash content was going to be shown on a webpage. So I eventually used web technology to show the social media parts. I placed them on top of the Flash content.

The website had a background music loop, information about the band, samples of their new album and links to YouTube videos.

Such a shame the international release was a bust. This band is really good and deserves better. In case you want to know more about them, here are some links:
Official website

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