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Portfolio v2

Portfolio v2

This was my previous website. After a long time spending on it, I decided to kill my darling. Different machines and different browsers were starting to act up. That is when I realized some frameworks already address these issues. The reception of the website was also lukewarm at best, so the decision was clear to move on. I installed WordPress and bought a theme for Portfolio v3 (which you are visiting right now).

I had chosen to create this website from the bottom up, using only the bare bone technology of JavaScript to learn the inner workings of the bowels. It has learned me to value the worth of frameworks, as cross browser compatibility is almost a nightmare from scratch. I even decided to just ignore the older browsers which do not support addEventListener.

Because I am always annoyed by the constant flashing of websites when you navigate them, I wanted to create a website where the content is asynchronously loaded. So the main elements would remain in place. I used plain XML to load my pages.
A big downside is that I didn’t have a way at the moment to let people link directly to a specific project. I realize this is also crucial for SEO, because at the moment, the engines are not able to crawl through my pages.

My approach was also more offline based. A lot of the logic is performed at the client side. Some stuff could and should have been done using CSS.

I wanted a more straightforward art style. I always liked the UI of Super Smash Bros., so I interpreted some of that style to use for my new website.
My main menu was a nice technical challenge to get the clicks to correspond to the shapes of the buttons.

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