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I had only a little part in the creation of this game, but I am proud I have been able to do my part and be listed in the credits.

The concept of creating a game with some of the biggest names in the metal scene is something most people can only dream of. But that is what Basecamp Games has been able to do with Karmaflow.

Karmaflow is a rock opera game. The main gameplay is based on 3D platforming, puzzling and adventuring. There is the occasional boss battle, but these are the only times you fight.-enter-
Visit the website for more information, check out the Steam page

Beside the game, there have been 2 evenings of a live rock opera, accompanied by a full sized symphonic orchestra. And some of the creators have also created the Karmaflow Band, so they could perform with songs from the game on several events. The official launch event was a concert where the Karmaflow band headlined. The soundtrack is also available.

The project saw its first live as a graduation project. It then moved on to a kickstart project on Indiegogo. I backed it and offered to help out as a volunteer. Because Basecamp was working on the game full time and I could only work on it in my spare time, I have done research and have written a manual for them on how to implement a Flash main menu using ScaleForm on top of a 3D render from the Unreal Engine.
Initially I was going to implement enemies/creatures. But I had to learn the basics of the Unreal Engine first. By the time I had gotten enough knowledge on how to work with and code in the Unreal Engine, another task was handed to me.
Around the time the game was being produced, little information was found on how to implement a Flash movie using ActionScript 3.0. Most documentation focused on ActionScript 2.0.

The actual menu in the game has not been done by me.

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