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Beetle Bump

Beetle Bump

The goal of this school assignment was to create a game that was entertaining for at least 5 minutes. We managed to create a game some people played for 45 minutes at the reveal event. So mission accomplished one might say.

The assignment started with all students creating a game idea in pairs and voting for each project you would wanted to be part of. Only half of the projects that had the most interest could continue. Our concept survived.

The concept was going to be a casual game, only following 6 rules:

#1: the game is played in a path network where objects can only follow the paths
#2: the player determines when an object is released into the system
#3: where paths cross, there is a directional gate the player can manipulate
#4: two colliding objects of the same colour disappear and give score
#5: two colliding objects of a different colour bump into each other and move in the reversed direction after the collision
#6: there are coloured gates on the paths which can change the colour of the object giving they pass through the gate in the right direction

During the production of the game, some extra rules were created to make later levels more challenging. Some examples: one way directional gates, ‘shutters’ to close off a path temporarily, speed up gates, etc.

To address the “easy to learn, hard to master” aspect, you have to collide the beetles in a certain order to receive the maximum amount of points in a level. This is indicated by the hearts at the top of a level.

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